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Bat Houses

Bats are a misunderstood mammal. Popularly believed to be aggressive or dangerous, these creatures are actually shy and gentle. Even so, why should you try to attract them with a bat house? Bats consume huge quantities of night-flying insects (like mosquitoes) nightly. They are also responsible for pollinating flowers and propagating vegetation. Erecting a bat house provides bats with roosting or nursery space and helps keep them out of eaves and attics.

All of the

bat house

s we offer have been chosen for their quality, price, and superior craftsmanship. Smaller bat houses accommodate small groups of male bats, and bigger bat houses will accommodate large nursing colonies of females and their young.

Bat houses can be mounted on the sides of barns or buildings, or you can use a special bat house pole. Houses should be mounted 15’-20’ and face a southerly direction. Two houses mounted back to back (the desired configuration) should face NW and SE. Do not face a lone bat house directly North.

If you are looking for a great gift for a young bat enthusiast, our easy-to-assemble bat house kit is sure to be a hit. And if your interest in bats has been piqued, we have several bat books that are highly informative. Educating yourself on bat behavior and biology is almost a must if you plan on putting up a bat house. You’ll need to be well-prepared to answer your neighbors’ questions when they ask about your batty behavior!
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Five Chamber OBC Bat House
Five Chamber OBC Bat House
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OBC Bat House Triple Chamber
OBC Bat House Triple Chamber
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OBC Bat House Single Chamber
OBC Bat House Single Chamber
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Birds Choice Recycled Bat House
Birds Choice Recycled Bat House
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Heartwood  Victorian Bat House
Heartwood Victorian Bat House
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Understanding Bats
Understanding Bats
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